Bad News for Tilia No7

Content of show no7 (12.12.2020) :

transmitted on radio blau – frequency 99,2 mHZ

and streamed :

1431AM – It is an update about the situation in Greek prisons during the CoViD-19 pandemic. – 4:28

Elephant in the Room –  Interview on recent Protest against the anti-abortion-law inPoland. (short version) – 14:11

(you can find the whole interview at : elephant-in-the-room )

MUSIC – Mass Kotki – 2:46

the final straw radio: A Conversation with anarchist and antifascist journalist and organizes, Daryle Lamont Jenkins about right wing uprising around the 2020 US elections. – 10:46

– Trial 4 Connewitzer Kreuz
Frequenz A-Short roundup resistance “Danneröder Forst” – 4:22


Demonstrations: Exposing right-wing actors in the police, intelligence services and judiciary
Kundgebungen: Rechte AkteurInnen in Polizei, Geheimdiensten und Justiz aufdecken

Sunday – 13.12.2020 17:30 – 20:00
Autonomous neighborhood rally: All together against fascism! – “Fight the Fascists in Uniform”
Autonome Kiezkundgebung: Alle zusammen gegen den Faschismus! – „Kampf den FaschistInnen in Uniform“

Sunday – 13.12.2020
18:00 HERDERPARK (Connewitz)


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