Bad News for Tilia No6

Content of show no6 (14.11.2020) :

transmitted on radio blau – frequency 99,2 mHZ

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short news

1.demo 31.10 anti repression

At the 31.10.2020 in leipzig took place a anti-repression demo.
among others the topic was against the 129 a cases in leipzig solidarity with linksunten indymedia, the 3 from the parkbench – it was a collection of many topics which fit in the anti repression frame and are worth to fight for…
The demo had between 300 and 450 participants and was quite militant.
during the demo fireworks and other stuff was thrown at the police, and there where symbolic attacks with glasses filled with paint against the dimitrov-police-station and the amtsgericht.

2.corona leugner*innen

3.raids and imprisoment of lina

at the 5th of november in connewitz/ leipzig took place raids again – 3 flats where searched this time.
during that police operation they took as well the antifascist lina into custody.
they accuse her that she should have organized attacks on neo nazis.
during the raids some folks attacked a police car of the operating cops in front of the searched house.
during the followed 3 days other actions claimed solidarity for the accused antifascist
during a soli demo stones where thrown at the cops and barricades where built, one day later the police department was attacked, barricades built and a small riot took place when the cops tried to handle the situation, on the sunnday after the raids the police station was attacked again and a graffiti was painted on another police station in the west of leipzig.

4. trial against person from new years eve in connewitz

On the 11th of november the second day in trial against a person who is accused that it should have attacked police men during the riots of new years eve 2019/2020 proceeded at the amtsgericht leipzig.

there is a call out to support the accused at the next day in trial which will be on the 2 of.dezember

5. struggle/repression danenröder forst
The struggle againt the highway in the woods called dannenröder forst is getting more and more intense

several activists are in pre trial custody

struggle there goes on and activists are willing to fight for their ideas – support is needed !
don’t leave the comrades fighting for their ecological values alone!

 6. report demo in solidarity with the revolt in $hile

(18.10.2020 – Leipzig) (Frequenz A)

7. interview with Queer Cempaka Collective from Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) about their work and the situation over there (15:57min)

8. report demo/ trial – park bench 3 (4.11/  5.11 – Hamburg) (Frequenz A)

9.  Interview with anarchist from Belarus on development of
protests, going on repressions against anarchist movement and possibility to support a belarusian struggle against authoritarian regime. (Frequenz A)

Take a look at a web-page of solidarity campaign

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