Bad News for Tilia No 23

In the 23rd episode of bad news for tilia we had a invitee from the Ukraine and talked about her opinion about what is going on there at the moment. (Sascha was/is organized with the collective feminist workshop)

And we made a interview with Adam from “No Border Team” Poland about the current situation at the border to Belarus and the refugees trapped there.

In the announcement part we where glad to be able to announce the anarchist days Leipzig which will take place from the 25th of April until the 1st of May.

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Bad News for Tilia No22

Main Topic – War in Ukraine

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We used part of interview done by The Final Straw Radio.

Full version you find here –

Useful LINKS:

-where to donate help

-where to inform yourself

Bad News for Tilia No10

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content of the show:

short news

-roundup about the appeal in the so called Hildegartstraßen – case (Leipzig)

more infos about it:


main part

– interview about the current situation of Dimitris Koufontinas (in hungerstrike since the 8th of January in)

you can find more infos here:



-interview about the 8th of march (in Leipzig)

you can find more infos here:

-reminder about the uprising of Kronstadt – 100 years ago

-report about the situation of political prisoners in Chile

you can find more infos here:

+some (local) announcements


Bad News for Tilia No9

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In this show we had three interviews, several short news and announcements.

Interviews content:

* Elefant in the Room – Conversation on 25.01.2021 with anarchists from Russia on „Freedom to Navalny“ protests

Elefant in the Room got in touch with several anarchist comrades to talk about the recent protests on the streets of different cities in Russia: looked into political events of 2020 and how they brought people to the situation with protests. With comrades they managed to clarify if Navalny is a nazi and the whole protest should be ignored by the anarchists or leftists. And of course they talked about anarchists and their participation in protest movement.

* Park Bench 3 – Summary on the end of the trial in Hamburg

The so/called Park Bench 3 trial is over and we talked with people from a soli-group about the process, the result of it and solidarity with accused comrades.

you can find more infos about the case here:

and the text published by the 3 accused shortly after the verdict ( what is also mentioned during the interview…) here:

Listen whole interview in English:

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Listen whole interview in German:

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* Solikomitee #1007 – Appeal process on „Hildegartstrasse Trial“ and solidarity needed

On Thursday, January 14th, the first day of appeal court in the “Hildegardstrasse Trial” took place. Solikomitee #1007 called again to support those affected by repression and to accompany the process in solidarity. We talked with Tommy about the details of the court trial and what are the support needs right now.

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Bad News for Tilia No8

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Content of show no8 (09.01.2021) :

transmitted on radio blau – frequency 99,2 mHZ

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In this show we have two interviews, several short news and announcements.

1st interview we took from the final straw radio – it is about anarchism in cuba and was taken in 2018.
for more current infos you can check the links below.

As Isbel talks about in the interview, the state-run National Center for Sex Education (CENESEX) had bowed to pressure from right wing Christian groups and canceled the event so activists were planning to hold an autonomous Conga resulting in several more arrests. A report with updates on the subject can be found at the Rosa Negra / Black Rose Federation website. You can also find an audio statement from Mario from the TLAL space on the subject
in Spanish via BRRN.

To learn more about ABRA, they have a website at CentroSocialABRA.Wordpress.Com as well as a fedbook page as AbraCuba and one for Taller Libertario Alfredo Lopez. ABRA is affiliated with the Federacion Anarquista de Centro America y el Caribe, or the Caribbean and Central American Anarchist Federation, which can be found in Spanish at

2nd interview is about the antijob initiative in russia

you can read more and/or support them via the link below


Bad News for Tilia No7

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Content of show no7 (12.12.2020) :

transmitted on radio blau – frequency 99,2 mHZ

and streamed :

1431AM – It is an update about the situation in Greek prisons during the CoViD-19 pandemic.


Elephant in the Room –  Interview on recent Protest against the anti-abortion-law inPoland. (short version)  (14:11)

(you can find the whole interview at : elephant-in-the-room )

MUSIC – Mass Kotki (2:46)

the final straw radio: A Conversation with anarchist and antifascist journalist and organizes, Daryle Lamont Jenkins about right wing uprising around the 2020 US elections. (10:46)


– Trial 4 Connewitzer Kreuz

– Frequenz A-Short roundup resistance “Danneröder Forst” (4:22)


Demonstrations: Exposing right-wing actors in the police, intelligence services and judiciary
Kundgebungen: Rechte AkteurInnen in Polizei, Geheimdiensten und Justiz aufdecken

Sunday – 13.12.2020 17:30 – 20:00

Autonomous neighborhood rally: All together against fascism! – “Fight the Fascists in Uniform”
Autonome Kiezkundgebung: Alle zusammen gegen den Faschismus! – „Kampf den FaschistInnen in Uniform“

Sunday – 13.12.2020
18:00 HERDERPARK (Connewitz)


Bad News for Tilia No6

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Content of show no6 (14.11.2020) :

transmitted on radio blau – frequency 99,2 mHZ

and streamed :

short news

1.demo 31.10 anti repression

At the 31.10.2020 in leipzig took place a anti-repression demo.
among others the topic was against the 129 a cases in leipzig solidarity with linksunten indymedia, the 3 from the parkbench – it was a collection of many topics which fit in the anti repression frame and are worth to fight for…
The demo had between 300 and 450 participants and was quite militant.
during the demo fireworks and other stuff was thrown at the police, and there where symbolic attacks with glasses filled with paint against the dimitrov-police-station and the amtsgericht.

2.corona deniers

3.raids and imprisoment of lina

at the 5th of november in connewitz/ leipzig took place raids again – 3 flats where searched this time.
during that police operation they took as well the antifascist lina into custody.
they accuse her that she should have organized attacks on neo nazis.
during the raids some folks attacked a police car of the operating cops in front of the searched house.
during the followed 3 days other actions claimed solidarity for the accused antifascist
during a soli demo stones where thrown at the cops and barricades where built, one day later the police department was attacked, barricades built and a small riot took place when the cops tried to handle the situation, on the sunnday after the raids the police station was attacked again and a graffiti was painted on another police station in the west of leipzig.

4. trial against person from new years eve in connewitz

On the 11th of november the second day in trial against a person who is accused that it should have attacked police men during the riots of new years eve 2019/2020 proceeded at the amtsgericht leipzig.

there is a call out to support the accused at the next day in trial which will be on the 2 of.dezember

5. struggle/repression danenröder forst
The struggle againt the highway in the woods called dannenröder forst is getting more and more intense

several activists are in pre trial custody

struggle there goes on and activists are willing to fight for their ideas – support is needed !
don’t leave the comrades fighting for their ecological values alone!

6. report demo in solidarity with the revolt in $hile

(18.10.2020 – Leipzig) (Frequenz A)

7. interview with Queer Cempaka Collective from Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) about their work and the situation over there (15:57min)

8. report demo/ trial – park bench 3 (4.11/  5.11 – Hamburg) (Frequenz A)

9.  Interview with anarchist from Belarus on development of
protests, going on repressions against anarchist movement and possibility to support a belarusian struggle against authoritarian regime. (Frequenz A)

Take a look at a web-page of solidarity campaign



Bad News for Tilia No4

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content of show no4 on ( 19.09.2020 – 5 pm ) :

transmitted on radio blau – frequency 99,2 mHZ

and streamed :

part one (BAD NEWS – angry voices from around the world)

– Radiofragmata (Athens, Greece) on direct actions, environmental struggles and the upcoming anniversary of the death of Pavlos Fyssas. One of his songs is featured at the end of their segment. Rest In Power Killah P!

– The Anarchist Radio Berlin in conversation with comrades from the “Burning Arks” collective, discussing solidarity work around a police operation not so well known outside of Spain, called “Operation Ark”, which took place in May of 2019.

– Dissident Island Radio from London with a short roundup of union wins, animal action, eco-wars and acab ammo from a largely wet august on the steadily sinking ship that is the so called United Kingdom.

– Radiozones of Subversive Expression contribute reports about the fire that recently devastated the Moria refugee camp and the evacuation of the Rosa Nera squat.

– Frequenz A with a short report about the ongoing struggle against
gentrification in Leipzig (Germoney).

– Free Social Radio 1431AM from Thessaloniki with updates about the eviction of Terra Incognita squat, the invasion of cops in Libertatia squat and comrades in hunger strike and the martyr Ebru Timtik in Turkey.

part two (bad news for tilia)

-interview with a comrade about the current police repression in Columbia

-short news


Bad News for Tilia No3

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content of show no3 on ( 22.08.2020 – 5 pm ) :

transmitted on radio blau – frequency 99,2 mHZ

and streamed :

part one

1. A call for the International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners (23.-30.8.2020)

2. Radio Fragmata (Athens):
Updates from so-called Greece

3. Anarchist Assembly Valparaíso (Chile)
Statement on the current imprisonment of two comrades

4. FrequenzA (Germoney)
An interview about the Coordinating (prisoner support) group 18th of October in Chile.

5. A-Radio Berlin (Germany)
A summary of the ongoing Mapuche hungerstrike in Chile

part two

1) FrequenzA (Germoney)

Report Belarus

2) Anouncements



Bad News for Tilia No2

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content of show no2 on ( 25.07.2020) :

transmitted on radio blau – frequency 99,2 mHZ and streamed :

part one

1) Črna Luknja is contributing an antireport from Slovenian unrests, that in the middle of march, because of the virus started with drumming on balconies, went on the bicycles and ended up on foot, against the right-wing government with authoritarian, neoliberalistic and nationalistic intentions.

2) Free Social Radio 1431AM (Thessaloniki) about:

the arrest of two anarchist comrades in Thessaloniki, the latest developments on the shutdown and reconnection of’s server, the violence and eviction of Victoria square

3) A-radio Berlin: Stop the eviction of the collective bar Syndikat “In the context of a possible summer of evictions of collective bars, house projects and youth centers in Berlin, the Anarchist Radio Berlin wants to help make it instead a summer of resistance.”

4) Radiofragmata (Athens) with news from Greece.

5) FrequenzA with an interview with somebody from solikomitee 1007 about the street festival “resist-2” about the festival, the resistance against the deportation in the past and the trial against two persons who where part of it.

6) Dissident Island Radio: a round-up of UK-related ‘B(A)D News’

part two

1) report about the demo “Von Chile bis nach Rojava” which took place in Leipzig at the 19.07.2020

2) anouncements



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content of  show no1 on ( 27.06.2020)  :

1) The Final Straw Radio show in occupied Tsalagi land in Southern Appalachia, US,: got to connect with Rosemary, who is an organizer in Minneapolis, about the liberation of a former Sheraton Hotel in that city and its slow but steady transformation into something that is becoming so much more than a housing cooperative. They speak about how this resocialization came to happen, some of the circumstances involved, about how this is a very deep collaboration between un-housed folks in Minneapolis and people involved in doing care work, the power of George Floyd who was profoundly involved in doing that same kind of care work with un-housed people, and many many more topics.

2) R.O.S.E. (Athens): with news from Greece

3) Invisible Radio: (Greece) with some news by the voices of the voiceless (refugees/migrants).

4) A-Radio Berlin: interviewing on a new feminist campaign in Dresden Germany to raise awareness to the abortion topic.

5) Frequenz A: report about a concert in solidarity with the folks in $hile

which took place in Leipzig Germoney at the 20th of june

here the webpage of the organizers (attention – sadly only on facebook)

where you can as well find information about the campain “solo el pueblo ayuda al pueblo” where they try to collect money for soup- kitchens in $hile.

6) Frequenz A short interview from a critical mass which took place on the 26th of june in solidarity with the revolt in $hile and  the revolution in Rojava… also in Leipzig Germoney.

You can find more information about the critical mass, the contend which was published during the action and also more about the background as the motivation for organizing it on:

for more content produced by the a-radio-network or to check the other participating radio-shows check