Bad News for Tilia No9

Content of show no9 (06.02.2021 17:00-18:00) :

transmitted on radio blau – frequency 99,2 mHZ

and streamed :

In this show we’ll have three interviews, several short news and announcements.

Interviews content:

* Elefant in the Room – Conversation on 25.01.2021 with anarchists from Russia on „Freedom to Navalny“ protests

Elefant in the Room got in touch with several anarchist comrades to talk about the recent protests on the streets of different cities in Russia: looked into political events of 2020 and how they brought people to the situation with protests. With comrades they managed to clarify if Navalny is a nazi and the whole protest should be ignored by the anarchists or leftists. And of course they talked about anarchists and their participation in protest movement.

* Park Bench 3 – Summary on the end of the trial in Hamburg

The so/called Park Bench 3 trial is over and we talked with people from a soli-group about the process, the result of it and solidarity with accused comrades.

* Solikomitee #1007 – Appeal process on „Hildegartstrasse Trial“ and solidarity needed

On Thursday, January 14th, the first day of appeal court in the “Hildegardstrasse Trial” took place. Solikomitee #1007 called again to support those affected by repression and to accompany the process in solidarity. We talked with Tommy about the details of the court trial and what are the support needs right now.

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